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About Our Services

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Spay/ Neuter Center

Our Spay & Neuter Center is dedicated to providing low cost high quality spay/neuters surgeries to aid in fighting pet overpopulation. We perform around 4,000 surgeries per year.



We use the Meet your Match adoption process to find the perfect match for you.  Both you and potential adoptables take a personality survey to see if you are a good match.  We adopt out around 600 animals per year.


No-Kill Shelter

The Zeus House is a no-kill shelter that is dedicated to pulling animals from high-kill shelters and proving them the time needed to find a forever family.


Pet Care Clinic

Our Pet Care Clinics are dedicated to providing low cost rabies vaccinations and medical services to help pet owners comply with local laws.  We provide around 1200 low cost rabies vaccinations per year.


Lost and Found

We keep an active database of lost and found animals to try and reunited them with their families.


Dog Re-homing

This program is designed for those that must re-home their dog but can act as their own foster home until we are able to find an adopter.  This program keeps dogs from ever entering a shelter and prevents them from being exposed to the illness and depression that often follows and/or the threat of euthanasia in open admission shelters.


Food Bowl Program

Our Food Bowl program is designed to help provide pet food to low income, unemployed, elderly or other needy individuals so they do not have to surrender their animals to local shelters.  We gave out over 3 tons of food last year.

Pet Friendly Housing

We keep a current list of pet friendly apartment and housing complexes.  A family pet should never be surrendered to a shelter due to being unable to find accommodating housing.


Rabies Verification

We are the leading provider of rabies vaccination  in our area.  We provide over 5,000 vaccinations per year through our Spay/Neuter Center and our Pet Care Clinics.   If an animal received their vaccination through one of our programs, a copy of their certificate can be obtained through our online tag verification.

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