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Animals helped this year

Pet Care Clinics

At AAHS' monthly Pet Care Clinics, your pet can receive the following  low-cost services: rabies vaccinations, FVRCP(feline distemper) vaccinations, DA2PPV(distemper/parvo) vaccinations, deworming,  flea treatments, microchip identification, and nail trims.

The state of Georgia requires current rabies inoculation for all cats, dogs, ferrets and other domesticated animals. If you are not sure if your pet is required to be vaccinated against rabies, please contact your local Animal Control department.

  Pet Supplies "Plus" in
  Alps Shopping Center
     1:00pm - 4:00pm

    2015 Clinic Dates

January 3rd
Dr.  Dill

February 7th
Dr. Clarke

March 7th
Dr. Dill

April 4th
Dr. Elsmo
May 2nd
Dr. Dill
June 6th
Dr. Clarke
July 11th
Dr. Elsmo
August 1st
Dr. Clarke
September 12th
Dr. Dill



Services and Pricing:

1-year Rabies Vaccination: $10
3-year Rabies Vaccination: $10*
FVRCP (feline distemper plus): $10
DA2PPV (distemper/parvo plus): $10
Bordetella (Kennel Cough) Vaccine: $10
Microchip & Registration: $25
Deworming: $5
Flea Treatment: $15 
Nail Trim: $10

*Proof of prior vaccination is required. Please provide proof that lists the month and year that the prior vaccine was given. The prior rabies vaccine must expire within a month in order to receive a 3 year vaccine. A rabies tag is not valid proof. 

Please bring all dogs on leashes and other animals in carriers.

   Payment can be made with a check, cash or credit card.