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Animals helped this year

About Us/Staff

"Animals helped so far this year"

Last updated: 8/1/2015

This number includes:
  •  All animals that were surrendered or transferred into our no-kill shelter, cared for, and adopted to loving homes! 
  • All animals that were spayed/neutered at our Spay & Neuter Center
  • All animals seen at our monthly Pet Care Clinics

The Philosophy of the Athens Area Humane Society:

  • We are committed to creating a no-kill community.
  • We will take in no more animals than we can responsibly care for without euthanizing any that are healthy or treatable.
  • We will provide our community with proactive programs to keep animals out of area shelters.
  • We will not participate in or facilitate community reliance on lethal methods of pet population control.
  • We believe that every private organization has the right to determine what role and how extensive a role it plays.  However, every organization and individual is capable of playing a role even if it is only a small one.
  • We believe that every companion animal deserves to be treated as an individual.

Athens Area Humane Society...

  • Rescues and cares for 1,000+ animals each year
  • Is a private, nonprofit organization serving the animals and people of the Athens Area and beyond since 1989
  • Is the county's oldest animal welfare organization 
  • Is the largest animal welfare organization in the county based on the number of animals cared for and the scope of programs and services
  • Receives no government funding and is not a United Way agency
  • Receives no funding from, and is not affiliated with, any national humane organizations, such as the ASPCA or the Humane Society of the United States
  • Depends on the generosity of individual and corporate supporters to fund our programs and services 

The Athens Area Humane Society needs your support because we...

  • Provide care for 1,000+ animals each year that are in danger of being euthanized in the Athens area and surrounding counties 
  • Find responsible, loving homes for 500+ animals each year
  • Offer low-cost sterilizations and perform over 4,000 spay/neuter surgeries each year to reduce pet overpopulation
  • Provide low cost vaccinations to over 1200 animals each year at our pet care clinics
  • Educate the public concerning animal welfare and pet owner responsibility through school visits and social outreach

Most importantly, realize that our efforts on behalf of the animals would not be possible without you. Your donations allow us to continue to run our programs and services. Your generosity has enabled us to expand our coverage and develop new ideas to help our animal friends. Your gift of volunteer hours makes the labor light and the work go farther. On behalf of our Board of Directors and staff, we would like to thank you, the members of our wonderful community, for your support and concern for the animals we all love.