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Meet Your Match


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MYMAAHS is very excited to introduce to you a new program called Meet Your Match. This unique program, which is owned and distributed by the ASPCA, uses a science-based, color-coded system to bring compatible pets and adopters together, increasing the potential for a successful, permanent placement. It is like e-harmony for pets!

With this program we place cats and dogs into different "color" categories based on their personality. Then when adopters come into our adoption center they will be able to fill out a personality profile and they too will be assigned a "color" based on their lifestyle and expectations. From that point they will be able to meet animals inside our adoption center (or foster homes for dogs) that match their profile. Purple cats go with purple adopters, green dogs go with green adopters, and so on. MYM is the only method in existence today that evaluates an animal's behavior and interests and matches them to an adopter's preferences so that you take home a pet you can really click with.

Click here to learn more about Meet Your Match.

Meet Your Match Dog Survey

Meet Your Match Cat Survey