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Animals helped this year

Humane Education

C.H.L.O.E. is the Athens Area Humane Society's friendly mascot, and she's on a mission to teach people, especially children, about the importance of being compassionate toward animals and humans alike! CHLOE's name is an acronym that stands for "Creating Humane Leaders through Outreach and Education," and she wants the community's leaders to help spread the word about being responsible pet owners and learning about animal welfare issues. She loves to attend AAHS events, go to classroom presentations with staff members, and meet new people in the Athens area whenever she can! 

Shelter Tours and Activities

If you would like to schedule a tour of our Zeus House Shelter and an animal-related activity for a youth group, please email Pictured above is a Brownie Troop earning their pet badge through humane education at AAHS.

Please include in your email: information about your group, the number of kids who will participate, their age range, and what you would like them to learn most about during their trip.