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Animals helped this year

How to Adopt

1.  Meet Your Match

AAHS has many wonderful homeless pets waiting to be loved. You can even see them online! Our Adoption Counselor can assist you in finding a good match for you. Complete a Meet Your Match personality profile and find out what "color" matches your lifestyle and expectations for your new pet and prepare to fall in love! 

2. Tell Us a Little About Yourself

Complete a cat adoption profile or dog adoption profile. As part of the adoption, your Counselor will ask for a veterinary reference and landlord approval. If you do not have approval from your landlord to have the animal where you live, you likely will not be able to adopt from AAHS since we aim to place pets with owners from day one.

Your Adoption Counselor will review your profile with you and go over how to get your home ready for your new pet. Preparing ahead for the newest arrival helps your pet feel safe and relaxed as it makes the big move from shelter to forever home. This includes making sure you have proof that all your pets are up to date on their rabies shot. 

3. Adopt!

Your Adoption Counselor will work with you to answer any questions you have and will go over your new pet's history and medical information. You'll also pay the adoption fee and sign the Adoption Agreement, which officially transfers your new pet's ownership to you. Our cats and dogs are fixed, fully vetted, and generally healthy when they leave our care.

5.  After the adoption...we're still here!

AAHS is a resource for you during the entire time you own your new family member.  Please do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions.  We know it can be tough to adjust to a new home, get used to a new litter box, mix with your current pets, among many other things.  Email anytime!  Email a picture of your new family member too - we love to see them in their new environments :)

Adoption Counselors as a Resource

During this adoption process, please feel free to discuss any and all questions you may have with your Adoption Counselor.  For a lifelong relationship, AAHS hopes to help make a good match between pet and home, and to provide new adopters with as much information and support as possible.  Please consider us a resource before, during, and after adoption.

    Pets as Gifts

    Because of the lifetime commitment (cats live 15-20 years!) and personal connection involved in adopting an animal, the AAHS does not adopt animals as gifts.   However, we do offer gift certificates.  Ask a staff member for details.

    A Note about Adoption

    AAHS's goal is to find permanent, loving homes for the animals in our care.  We appreciate your patience while we guide you through the adoption of your next friend for life. Sometimes we may feel it may not be the right time for an adopter to have a new family member, or the match is not right.  Please understand different shelters have different policies and another shelter may look at your situation differently.